Alnwick Premier Darts League - Cup Rules – for all team cup competitions:-

Knock Out Cup, Subsidiary Plate, Division A Cup, Division B Cup,

  • The Cup competitions are 4 a side team Knock Out Competition

  • Captains may select their 4 players, but the opposing captain will draw their order of play within the team

  • Players must stay the same for that match, players may be changed for the next round if the team progresses

  • Matches are best of 7 legs x 801

  • Bust rule applies

  • The second team will go for bull

  • Each team will supply a marker and unless otherwise agreed each team will mark alternate legs

  • Neutral venues will be used wherever possible

  • Each round will be a new draw

Knock Out Cup 2ndRound, 11thDecember 2009:

At The Queens:

Tanners Arms v Alnmouth at 8.00 pm

Oddies B v The Gate B at 9.00 pm

At Alnmouth:

Alnwick Gate A v Farriers A at 8.00 pm

John Bull v Alnwick Golf Club B at 9.00 pm

Subsidiary Plate 1stRound, 11thDecember 2009:

At Alnwick Golf Club:

RAFA Club v Fleece at 8.00 pm

The George v Queens at 9.00 pm

At The Fleece:

Alnwick Golf Club A v Farriers B at 8.00 pm

Oddies A v Alnwick WM Club at 9.00 pm