League Table


The George237840196671137
The Bull B22522615484593
Shilbottle Club22502417484391
Alnwick WM Club A23512712504090
Blue Bell22502413434487
Alnwick WM Club B22412414403979
The Fleece2240188323466
Alnwick WM Club Bar2238158293261
Alnwick Castle Golf Club222374201434
John Bull221792131528

Week 23 Review and Week 24 Fixtures

10 March 2019

The George dropped a point in the singles against AWMC Bar then went on to take both pairs and teams to win the match 6-1

The Travellers were 3-1 up after the singles against the Veterans the pairs and teams went to the Travellers giving them a 6-1 win

Shilbottle Club took all 4 points in the singles against The Bull B both pairs went to the Bull (180 Martin Davison Bull B ) Shilbottle Club won the teams and the match 5-2

A 106 checkout from Mick Armstrong helped AWMC B take a 3-1 into the pairs against AWMC A points were shared in the pairs with the teams going to AWMC A leaving the Club B 4-3 winners

The Farriers and the Blue Bell had a level game after the singles and pairs the Farriers won the team game decider taking the match 4-3

The Fleece took a 3-1 lead in the singles against the John Bull the Bull levelled the game taking both pairs the Fleece won the teams and the match 4-3

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